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Holistic Christian Life - Worshiping God - Mind, Body, Soul

Apr 13, 2018

Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon is a well-loved Orthodox pastor, homilist, writer, and teacher. He is pastor of All Saints’ Antiochian Orthodox Church in Chicago, IL, and a senior editor of Touchstone Magazine. In the past forty years, Fr. Patrick has published over 1000 articles, editorials, and reviews in popular and scholarly journals, including Books and Culture, Touchstone Magazine, The Scottish Journal of Theology, The Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Pro Ecclesia, St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly and other journals on three continents. As a guest lecturer, he receives invitations year-round to give retreats, homilies, lectures, and Bible studies.

Fr. Patrick is one of Ancient Faith Publishing most prolific authors, with many books, including the perennial bestseller Christ in the Psalms. His titles also include: Christ in His Saints, The Trial of Job, Creation and the Patriarchal Histories, and Chronicles of History and Worship.