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Holistic Christian Life - Worshiping God - Mind, Body, Soul

Feb 16, 2021

Find out more about the Filled With Less community, and enjoy Molly’s teaching on how just existing, rather than always striving, is a form of gratitude that is life giving.  This topic is the March Deep Dive in their Living Everyday with Sacred Simplicity Membership, where they will go even more in depth.  You will be inspired and will learn about an exciting announcement and invitation!


Molly Sabourin is an author and podcaster for Ancient Faith Ministries as well as a wife of 20 plus years to her husband, Troy, and the mother of three teenagers and one young adult.

About a year ago, Molly found herself feeling overwhelmed, despondent, and listless after a particularly challenging season of her life and stumbled onto a documentary called "Minimalism." This film chronicled the journeys of individuals who had walked away from excess and compulsive consumption and embraced simplicity and intentionality as a way of life. The freedom and peace they discovered in the process was so inspiring to her, she began her own journey toward simplicity, intentionality and transcendence.

Decluttering her home led to the decluttering of all areas of her life, thereby reducing her stress and increasing her peace, joy, and productivity. Molly is passionate about pursuing, and helping others pursue, a more simple and calm existence.

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