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Holistic Christian Life - Worshiping God - Mind, Body, Soul

Feb 28, 2018

Dr. Lea Povozhaev earned her PhD in Medical Rhetoric in 2014, an MFA in Creative Non-fiction in 2007, and studied literature and composition prior to that. She traveled through Russia as a young woman before she was married at 21, and has great respect and interest in Russia and multicultural relationships. A memoir on her multicultural marriage and conversion to Orthodoxy was recently re-published as Finding Love, Family, and Faith: Living the Orthodox Christian Tradition. Lea has published a number of essays and personal narratives, and some more recent blog posts appear on the Orthodox Christian Network. She has spoken to audiences interested in topics ranging from academics and writing to faith and culture. She is a passionate and energized speaker who is skilled at engaging audiences. 

Lea aims to help others seek holistic approaches to wellness that carefully consider the relationship between the entire body and soul of human beings made in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ. She makes a compelling case for considering wellness according to how the Orthodox Church understands personhood as body and spirit.

Cynthia talks with Lea about natural immunity, and they get into a topic that can be a hot bed for discussion, that is, vaccinations.  There are many studies, past and present, that are examining the safety of vaccinations.  Lea discusses those studies, and also looks at it from a Christian world view.  She also discusses how she was drawn into it from the beginning. 

Becoming Whole:  Building Natural Immunity in the Body and Soul