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Holistic Christian Life - Worshiping God - Mind, Body, Soul

Jun 28, 2022

Before she goes on sabbatical, Cynthia leaves you with an example of resilience with Lauren Roskilly.  Lauren comes to us from Sussex England with a story of faith and healing.  Can you imagine what it would be like to black out, up to 10 times a day, due to a blood pressure and blood sugar disorder?  Lauren describes the ramifications of living her life for the past 24 years and shares how beautifully God has spoken to her both directly and through others.  She is now ministering to others through her books, speaking, and coaching practice. 

 Cynthia will be back again in September.  Now is a great time to go back and listen to those episodes you may have missed over the last three years!

Lauren is a mum of two beautiful children. She has a BA Hons in Health and Social Care and a diploma in CBT. Lauren became a born-again Christian in 2004. She is transparent about her past ups and downs with both physical health issues and mental health, including grief, depression, anxiety and self- harm. But she has learnt to refocus from unhealthy and negative mindsets and towards Christ. Thus, the name of her ministry, ‘Mindful of Christ’. She is the author of ‘Christian based Cognitive Behavioural therapy’ and ‘Indestructible Faith- prayers & prompts for journaling.’ As a speaker and an accredited Life Coach she helps people to recognise & overcome unhealthy and negative mindsets, grow and strengthen their faith & relationship with God and helps them to discover and step into their identity and God- given purpose. She has previously spoken on podcasts, radio and TV including Elevation TV Network and has spoken at events; conferences, summits etc., including organising & hosting her own. All of which have been seen and heard right across the globe.

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