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Holistic Christian Life - Worshiping God - Mind, Body, Soul

Jul 6, 2021

Life Coach Russelyn Williams is Cynthia’s guest today.  They talk about her book The Wholeness Action Plan, and Russelyn’s journey that led her to helping young people and women discover their personal value and embracing their identity no matter where God has led them...even if it’s somewhere different than where they expected to be. 


Russelyn Williams is a Christian Life Coach, Author, and Blogger. She has over 9 years experience speaking to young people and women about their personal value, worth, and benefits of saving sex until marriage. Currently, she helps single Christian women walk in wholeness and confidence through her books, blog posts, speaking, classes and inspirational posts on social media. Russelyn has been transparent about her personal testimony being a single Christian woman into her 30s. She has put off the shame of feeling like there was something wrong with her for being single and embraced her identity as a confident single woman who models wholeness. Outside of Russelyn’s work with women, Russelyn works full-time as a homeownership counselor for a local HUD certified housing counseling and Fair Housing agency. Visit for more on Russelyn and for the blog.

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