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Holistic Christian Life - Worshiping God - Mind, Body, Soul

Aug 23, 2020

Join Cynthia with her guests and Filled With Less partners, Molly Sabourin from Ancient Faith Ministries, and Pres. Stacey Dorrance from the singing group Eikona, as they chat about their course Six Weeks to Sanity and give you some coaching and tips on everything from mindset, time management, decluttering and organizing, health, relationships, boundaries and fostering our faith. Have a pad of paper and pen in hand!

Listening to this podcast before August 29th? You can sign up for one of their free Six Easy Ways to Live with Intention and Simplicity masterclasses. Three different times to choose from! Just go to

Interested in Six weeks to Sanity! The official course starts August 31st!