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Holistic Christian Life - Worshiping God - Mind, Body, Soul

Jul 7, 2020

Father John Strickland talks with Cynthia about his book series starting with The Age of Paradise.  They also talk about his journey to Orthodoxy, the priesthood, and all things beautiful about the role Russia played in his life.  Curious about church history?  This podcast will give you a glimpse into ancient Christianity and the progression to this day.

Father John Strickland is an Orthodox priest and the author of The Age of Paradise: Christendom from Pentecost to the First Millennium. This book is the first of a four-volume series on the history of Christian culture and civilization entitled The Rise and Fall of What the West Once Was. The second volume, The Age of Division: Christendom from the Great Schism to the Protestant Reformation is scheduled for release at the end of this year. Father John is married with five children and serves a parish in Poulsbo, Washington. In his spare time he enjoys woodworking and sailing.


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