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Holistic Christian Life - Worshiping God - Mind, Body, Soul

Apr 18, 2023

Join Cynthia today as she interviews one of her favorite doctors, Dr. Jill Carnahan.  A sister in Christ, Dr. Jill combines her medical education, clinical experience, personal experience, and her faith for a powerful combination of healing and hope for the glory of God.  She has been one of Cynthia’s “go to” doctors when researching certain lifestyle protocols to make sure she isn’t missing anything when working with clients.  We are so blessed that she has come on our podcast today.  We think you will feel blessed by her closing remarks on what she wants everyone to know!


Dr. Ioana Popa from Team For Soul® is reopening the enrollment doors to the The Renewal In Action Program and Group Life Coaching Community for Christians. If you are interested in learning how to effectively regenerate body, mind, heart and soul, sustain your prayerful daily rhythm, so that you can continue to serve others in Christ with joy, energy, patience and peace of mind, no matter how busy you are and without the fear of burning out, you can sign-up to be on the Priority List to hear details.


Dr. Jill Carnahan is Your Functional Medicine Expert® dually board certified in Family Medicine for 10 years and in Integrative Holistic Medicine since 2015. She is the Medical Director of Flatiron Functional Medicine, a widely sought-after practice with a broad range of clinical services including functional medical protocols, nutritional consultations, chiropractic therapy, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, and massage therapy. As a survivor of breast cancer, Crohn’s disease, and toxic mold illness she brings a unique perspective to treating patients in the midst of complex and chronic illness. Her clinic specializes in searching for the underlying triggers that contribute to illness through cutting-edge lab testing and tailoring the intervention to specific needs.

Featured in Shape Magazine, Parade, Forbes, MindBodyGreen, First for Women, Townsend Newsletter, and The Huffington Post as well as seen on NBC News and Health segments with Joan Lunden, Dr. Jill is a media must-have. Her YouTube channel and podcast features live interviews with the healthcare world’s most respected names. She also co-authored the Personalized and Precision Integrative Cardiovascular Medicine Textbook.

Make sure you grab her new book:  Unexpected: Finding Resilience through Functional Medicine, Science, and Faith