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Holistic Christian Life - Worshiping God - Mind, Body, Soul

Jan 5, 2021

Join Cynthia today as she talks with Dr. David Pawsat on many topics pertaining to our health, specifically getting into thyroid hormone and estrogen.  Dr. Pawsat explains his journey from a career in physiology, to 12 years as an ER doctor with his own health issues, to his own Center for Optimal Health.   His experience with Conventional, Alternative, Integrative, Anti-aging, and Functional Medicine makes him an excellent resource. If you have further questions for any of the Holistic Christian Life physicians, feel free to send them Cynthia’s way for future episodes!

Dr Dave Pawsat received a Bachelors of Science degree in physiology from Michigan State University. After college, he performed pulmonary function and sleep testing for Sinai Hospital in Detroit, where he was an integral part in the development of Sinai’s first sleep center. After being an ER doctor for 12 years, he opened The Center for Optimal Health. Dr. Pawsat has had
thousands of patient interactions and has developed an incredible patient community of very proactive, committed patients from very diverse backgrounds. The loyalty and enthusiasm for this new way of healthcare has grown beyond his expectations. The premise that medicine should begin by treating the cause, not the symptoms is the centerpiece of the practice. The skillful integration of conventional medicine combined with nutritional and hormonal therapies is the cornerstone of his care. Dr. Pawsat feels blessed to have found a way to help himself, but feels even more blessed to be able to share the skills, experience and knowledge in helping so many others regain their health.

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