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Holistic Christian Life - Worshiping God - Mind, Body, Soul

Jul 13, 2021

Cynthia and Dr. Ioana Popa will help you start a journey of rejuvenation and renewal today.  How do you maintain a life of daily self-care that allows you to be all God created you to be?  Where do you even start?  Not only will Cynthia and Dr. Popa explain the purpose and the process, but Dr. Popa also has some great resources for you!

Dr. Ioana is the co-founder of the Team For The Soul TM. Team for The SoulTM  supports passionate leaders, healers, educators and caregivers on their life and soul journey to achieve the highest potential while doing what they love toward the betterment of humanity.

Dr. Ioana is not only a physician and life coach, but also an educator, workshop presenter, speaker and program developer. She recently launched an online digital course: The Renewal In Action TM. This course is a unique transformative and practical program designed from the inside-out to help leaders, healers, educators and caregivers regenerate, prevent burnout, connect with their core values, integrate mind, body, heart and soul, and create a foundational daily renewal blueprint to be used for years to come.

As a life coach Dr. Ioana walks alongside her clients to bring a steadfast hope that change is possible, no matter how difficult. With dedication, skill, professionalism, and warmth, she brings a calm, safe, compassionate and grounded presence, and creates a nurturing relationship in which every person feels heard, seen, understood and can pursue change toward achieving their highest potential in life.

Get your Daily Renewal Template here:

Is it time to make some changes in your life? Do you want to stop the madness and get on track with your health? Maybe coaching is right for you. I've helped many people gain their health back over the years, and would love to talk with you. Just reach out with the link below to get on my schedule. From time to time I have openings for new clients and accept them on a first come first serve basis.

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